About Tara

Meet Tara Lowery! This former basketball standout at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte began her career as a Makeup Artist just 4 years ago. After doing a friend’s wedding just for fun, she began studying and taking classes to learn more about the makeup artistry business. “Makeup was totally not my thing! I grew up a hardcore tomboy! I didn’t like anything that was considered girly or too feminine, but I’ve always loved art! Makeup is art to me! I love the transformations, the transitions of color, and the science of it all!” Tara began working as a freelancer and later opened The Beauty Lounge in 2013.


While balancing a full time job and a growing makeup artistry business, she knew eventually she would have to choose between the two. While Tara loved working in her studio alone, she longed for the team environment and to be close to people who shared the same passion for the makeup artistry business. “I know from experience the things that can be accomplished in a team environment. I’ve been on a team of some sort my entire life and the things that I’ve learned have helped mold me and grow my business.” God gave her the vision to expand and create the environment that she so badly longed for. Along came the idea for @blushontheblvd, a beautiful studio space for Makeup Artists. For over two years Tara worked 2 jobs and at times went months without an off day just to save and prepare for the expansion. She leaned on the expertise of family and friends to get the job done. “This has been an amazing experience! I am truly blessed for the amount of support that I’ve received all over the world. God is faithful! I didn’t know how I was going to make this dream happen, but I did and I’m so happy!”


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